Intensivkurs Deutsch - Mayra

11 Monate Intensivkurs in Radolfzell am Bodensee

How long did your German course at Carl Duisberg Centren last?

  • 1–11 weeks

How many different teachers did you have lessons with?

  • Four or more teachers

Name of the first teacher?

  • Birgitt

Name of the second teacher?

  • Carmen

Name of the fourth teacher?

  • Evelyn

Type of accommodation?

  • I did not book accommodation through Carl Duisberg Centren.

How often did you participate in our afternoon program (Workshops, Lernstudio, leisure program)?

  • Sometimes

Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for improvement that you would like to share with us?

  • I have rate CDC with a very happy face in the majority of the questions but it is with total honesty. I feel everything exceeded my expectations and I am really happy with the course. The staff was always supportive and really nice, friendly. The center is a nice place and has an strategic location close to everything I needed supermarkets, bus station, coffeeshops, restaurants, stores, german authorities, the beautiful Bodensee and very important for me, a Messeplatz close by. The teachers were always kind and easy to follow. And also very safe with safety meassures regarding coronavirus. The groups are small and the seats are spread around the classrooms, so I also felt safe. Infinite thanks for my 4 weeks course.

If you would describe your German course in one sentence, what would you say?

  • My time and money has been well spended!

Would you recommend Carl Duisberg Centren?

  • Yes

Vielen Dank, Mayra


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